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Just a website

Web Development

Web Development

Designify Development combines our passion with our experience in the web development & web design obtained over the years and past successful projects.

We always challenge ourselves when it comes to a brand quality.

Design & Development

fast delivery – quality – professionalism

We are a young team of devoted designers & developers. We offer both design and development services. Branding from scratch -> Implementation -> Web presence.

Either we talk about Web Design or Web Development, we combine the visual with the functional in a clean, appropriate and harmonious way.







Having a very accurate way of displaying your business will influence the website UX (user experience) a lot. This does not mean, of course, that you won’t give your customers all the details that are required.

But all the additional info should be a choice for your customer, not a “must read”.

We are almost in the 2020’s and technology changes and technology changes and evolves at the highest rate ever.

Among everything else , the web is changing as well and and new tools are frequently blooming. Nothing much to say when you compare a fresh, modern website with an old, clunky and rusty one.

Think about what a 90’s car would offer compared to a brand new car of our days. The same scenario applies with websites.

In most of the cases, a website will be correlated with the brand of the business. (see more about a brand here)

The colors, the elements, the visual rules applied in the company’s identity should not only be respected and translated into web, but must be developed even further and used in concordance with the digital technology.

Maintaining a website up to date by upgrading the tools, code and technologies to the latest version is crucial for offering your customers the same reliability and a great navigating experience.

Updating visual elements and animations to modern and state-of-the-art graphics will give your website a professional look and your customers will know that you put passion and effort into your business (this matters a lot, here’s why)

Given the fact that modern web technologies can recreate everything that our imagination can hold, it’s a pity not to use it to put some life into your website.

Having small user interactions will give your customer a friendly approach, a boost of trust and even a smile on the face.

Also having elements slowly floating around or moving when the user is scrolling and progressing through will make the website feel more “alive” and fluid.

When your brand new, amazing website is up and ready to conquer the world, you will need to be its guide.

Sadly and happily, the internet is now full of websites, meaning that when you search for a product or service, a very complex algorithm will calculate calculate and display you a list of alternatives. And…it’s a list, meaning that there will always be a top of the list alternative. This is SEO, the action needed to reach the top of the list. (see more details here)

Quality boosts sales

The quality of a product has, without a doubt, a huge impact on coversion rates going up in a business. That’s what we put our odds on, and also on adding suplementary values that a brand needs in order to make it in the market. Analizing all these aspects, closely analizing the needs of a business before we find solutions in order to achieve that, because our goal is to feel overwhelmed by the success of our projects, from all angles.

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