How does branding contribute to the success of a business?

There are many definitions when we focus on the term “brand”. From the visual aspect of a company to its basic values, branding is the entire visual notion of a company as well as the way it works.

Many people confuse a brand with a simple logo, the latter being just a logo that represents the business and its basic concept.

A brand is made up of several factors that we will detail below.

1. Logo and visual appearance

Any business must manifest itself graphically in order to be more easily recognized on the market. The concept of logo refers to that graphic symbol next to the company name and its role is to convey to the viewer the idea of ​​the brand.

When it comes to “how good” a logo looks, opinions are divided, but I think we can all agree that some logos will look good to anyone’s eyes because they are “correctly” designed. Although design is often associated with art, in reality it is not art, because in most design areas there are strict rules of alignment, use of geometric shapes, correspondence of typography, colors and so on, while in art the expression is often libertine.

Among the elements that contribute to the correct appearance of a logo we can list:

  • Proper use of fonts and combinations between them.
  • Proper use and correct color matching
  • A logo should look just as good when it’s small and when it’s big
  • A logo should look good both in color and in black and white
  • A logo should look good when used on any kind of graphic advertising material (flyers, business cards, banners, etc.).

2. The values ​​of a brand

The values ​​of a brand are, in fact, basic ideas that reflect the quality of the products or services offered by a business and how they will be illustrated by the image of the company.

For example, one of the values ​​of a brand can be simplicity. A simple and clean expression will always provide a “fresh breath of air” for customers that are used with complex processes in which most businesses compete at an ever-increasing pace and try to justify each point and every comma.

Another value of a brand can be punctuality and fast execution of services. (See more about brand values)

3. How can an image sell?

There are numerous studies that express the idea that a customer can buy a product just for the simple fact that they look good or that the brand has transmitted an idea to them.

As we established earlier, a brand is not just a logo, it is the entire visual identity of a business and even colors can contribute to increasing or decreasing sales, and depending on the kind of audience we are addressing we will have to adapt our style and colors to be successful. (See more about the power of a color to sell)

Unfortunately, many brands do not take into account all these rules when they are launched on the market and choose to develop their visual identities through cheaper freelancers or companies that offer all services at a very low price.

The reality is that when we develop a brand it is exactly like when we grow a child; if we do not invest into education and do not guide the good way in preparing the kid for life, he will not be able to overcome mediocrity.

In our case, the idea is simple, we create successful brands by carefully following the entire process of branding and its implementation in the digital space through websites or apps. From establishing values, choosing colors, font and graphic style, Designify Development has the role of growing a business or adding value through all the means available both physically and digitally.