Starting a business from 0

When we’re talking about a bussiness, probably most of us are thinking of an income started from the passion of selling products or providing services. Nothing wrong until now, but as we see it daily around us, there are businesses that persist and evolve for decades and others that go bankrupt within a year. Which is in fact, the factor that defines the success of a business? Well, it is not just one. Next I will outline ideas that shape what a business should pursue, how it should be structured, what are the values ​​to be set at the beginning of a business and how to achieve the desired goal for our new business.

1. The business values

There are no two people alike. Each of us has different aspirations, passions, hobbies and mentalities, even if we can fit ourselves to different categories, our human essence will always be unique. Exactly the same is the case for a business, although it provides a service or sells a product exactly like other similar businesses, however, there are factors that will differentiate it. Of course, you’re probably wondering “What can I do differently if I sell tires and auto parts?”. The answer is a satisfyingly simple one, the way you do it. The values ​​of a business represent that set of moral rules imposed from the first pillars of its support. In each successful enterprise we will meet this set of values, whether it was precisely established from the beginning or was outlined subconsciously with the evolution of the company.

What exactly are these values? For example, focusing attention on customer needs, a well-established execution plan and improving the brand through customer feedback (listening carefully to those who use your products or services). For more details also read “How much does a customer’s opinion matter?”

These are just a few examples of values, but there are many elements that emphasize the sustainable evolution of a business. Norms such as punctuality, seriousness, honesty, firmness are also examples of values ​​that a business can have.

2. Passion and dedication

There are many people who in the pursuit of money omit essential notions about life and what really satisfies us. I am not saying that money is not a great and worthy purpose, but on the contrary, but the methods by which we can do it are almost unlimited today and, as it’s normal, it is difficult to find even what we like to do when we have everything at hand. There are many businesses that, although have a great start into the market, will easily fall and even bankruptcy, while others will remain mediocre. This is due to the lack of passion of those who support the business, because without the psychic motivation and the pleasure of making a product, selling or providing a service, we will never offer the same value as someone who does this wholeheartedly.

It is quite obvious, in fact, the whole scenario. What would be better for an architect, selling flowers or designing a block?

3. Documentation and information

As in everything we do in life, when deciding to start a business it is good to be informed about everything that it implies, from the first to the last detail. Following the above points, we have probably established some values ​​that our business will have, we know for sure that the field of activity is something we are passionate about and we will do it with pleasure, but how will we carry out the actual action to open the business?

Nowadays we have endless sources of information and the chances that the business you open to be unique in the world are similar to the chances of winning the lottery. And even if the company’s field of activity will be unique, the basic entrepreneurial rules will be the same as in any other business.

Before setting up your first business it is advisable to have an established plan, a clear investment budget, be aware of the risks and have perseverance. These factors will ensure your success, maybe not in a few days or weeks, but certainly in the long run.

4. Branding and market presence

You cannot have a business without having customers to use your services or products, this is the reality. Without a well-established brand it is quite difficult to get noticed in the multitude of options already existing in the field of activity of your company. A brand is not only a logo and an image, but the whole visual, moral and suggestive identity of a business, and the better it is immersed in the company’s activities, the more credibility it will have in front of customers. (See more about branding here).

We have reached the point where the internet is no longer a simple source of communication and information, but an active and almost permanent part of our lives. The global market has also been modernized, and the presence of brands on the Internet has become almost mandatory. There are many opportunities to get a website, from platforms that promise to create a website almost automatically, to the most elite web developers and designers, but it is crucial to understand that, as in the case of branding, a website is not just an image in the web space, but it can be a complete tool of conducting a business activity (See more about a successful website).

In our case, we choose efficiency and mutual benefit, because a satisfied customer will always be an attractive business card for any business. Offering complete branding, web design & development and marketing services, Designify Development will always provide not only images, but also sustainable strategy based on in-depth information on customer needs, experience of successful projects completed previously, and the same enthusiasm and passion that the team members submit in each project. See our branding packages HERE.

5. Persistance and overcoming obstacles

Failures and obstacles are part of life in general and so is a business case. It is misplaced to think that from the moment we open a business, it will have an unbelievable and unparalleled success and that we will not encounter any difficulties. The reality is a little different and nothing is easy. In contrast, if we apply all the above tips, not only will it be easy, but entrepreneurship will turn into a fun, satisfying and ultimately profitable thing. Every failure must be a lesson, and every apparent defeat must be treated as a victory in which we have not won money, goods or things of a physical nature, but we certainly gained experience and drawn some conclusions.

So don’t think twice when it comes to a business, don’t listen to anyone who tells you it’s too hard or too risky, because each one of us is the master of our own life, and if this is the path to our success, we should follow it with complete interest!